Our High Definition Closed Circuit TV solution can help you keep an eye on your home or business when you are not there.


As a business owner our high definition CCTV solution can help deter intruders from trespassing on or vandalizing your property and discourage your staff from bad situations (such as employee theft, treating your customers poorly, giving your goods /services to friends for free and so on)

Because the most important events are recorded, you can help the police with investigating a crime on your premises or dispute a slip and fall claim on your property.

Imagine being able to check your home while away on business or vacation.
Imagine spending LESS time at the office managing yet knowing they are at work. Imagine if you were robbed or vandalized, who did it? Imagine if there was someone hiding inside your home – How would you know? With our Professional Security Camera Systems, your imagination will be replaced with real answers.

his article is designed to provide you with the basic knowledge and understanding of how to install Professional Security Camera Systems. As you will see, it is straight-forward, simple, and easy.

“If you can run a cable from each Security Camera to a Digital Video Recorder, than you can install your own Closed Circuit Television CCTV Camera Security System. If you do it yourself instead of outsourcing, the bottom line is you will SAVE thousands!” says Mike, one of our top installers.

We Offer COMPLETE 2 Camera, 4 Camera, 8 Camera, 16 Camera and 32 Camera Security Systems.

Many of our customers either install the security camera systems themselves or do it with a friend or family member. Some hire electricians or computer networking people to simply run each wire from the back of the Digital Video Recorder to each camera. Other businesses have an employee who is responsible for maintaining the computer or network. As long as you can run the wire, ANYONE can install a Professional Security Camera System. Once you have the cable in place, there is no interference, no obstacles – just clear, ultra high-resolution video. And the installation can actually be easy, interesting, and fun. We recommend the customer becomes involved with the programming of the Digital Video Recorder. This exercise will benefit him/her using the DVR and playing back video.

Leveraging today’s technology, our Security Camera Systems have made it simple and easy for anyone to protect their most important assets by monitoring them from any high speed Internet or Cell Phone in the world ! All of our systems can be viewed over PCs, Macintosh, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and many more “Smart Devices”.